Alina and Norbert

Their wedding took place at Laxenburg Palace , one of the most elegant locations nearby Vienna. Starting with the getting ready and ending on the dancefloor , the entire wedding was a blast

Alina had organised their wedding in the smallest details , hoping that the big day will be perfect. It was, Even if it rained a bit.

For us the day started with the grooms getting ready. Norbert was chilled and excited. He dressed up , being helped by his best men , he posed for the camera but got bored quickly and went outside to relax and chat with his friends.

When Alina appeared, it was like everyone (from the florist to the photographers and waiters) was taking that relieve kinf of breath. She was there and already giving orders, organizing, smiling around and enjoying the day. She did the make-up herself, she had 7 bridemaids helping her around with the dress, shoes, jewelry and of course the photos. The day continues with the bride and the groom having their first look . The look in Norbert`s eyes were telling a story, an untold story, but it was there; you could see it all: emotion, happiness, excitement, love and kindness. Alina was only smiling, she was like an angel who gave up to everything jut to hold and hug her beloved one.

The ceremony was very beautiful, the songs were perfect , the speeches were deep and the people were so very happy. You could tell only by watching the guests faces that each person had a very special connection with either the bride or the groom.

Alina`s parents have lived the day to the fullest. They were the happiest people around .

The wedding continued with drinks and fingerfood outside, the cake was the next to come. Late in the afternoon dinner was served, everyone was invited inside and just like that it began to rain. It was pouring. But the guests were being entertained by a very good dj , great music and very tasty food . Later the family and best friends prepared a lot of surprises: games, videos, photo slides and music for the married couple.

The highlight of the night , a surprise for the guests this time were the fireworks. They have been amazing, the rain stopped right on time to allow us all enjoy those unique moments.

The wedding ended late at night on the sounds of good music , laughter, joy and good talks. It has been a very beautiful wedding.